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Battle Pass: Gnostic Hymn (v1.2)

Genshin Impact Battle Pass frequently asked questions | Watch how to use the tool on ▶ Youtube

Sojourner's Rewards (FREE)
Acquaint Fate x5
Adventurer's Experience x27
Hero's Wit x36
Mora 720,000
Mystic Enhancement Ore x96

Gnostic Hymn Rewards (PAID)
Includes all rewards from Sojourner's
Intertwined Fate x4
Hero's Wit x126
Mora 2,160,000
Mystic Enhancement Ore x288
Primogem x680
Bundles 9x (Talent upgrade selection)
BP Bounty x1 (Weapon selection) * unlocked at bp lv30

BP rewards are exactly as v1.0 (rechecked last: 20201112)

Battle Pass is unlocked at Adventure Rank 20

Reputation system is unlocked at AR 25 (+required quests)

Daily missions

Select missions you want to submit by playing daily...

No. of repeats or how many day(s) remaining?

Weekly missions

Select missions you want to complete weekly...

Repeat or how many week(s) remaining?

* weekly missions are not fixed. for ex. you may get "complete 15 domain challenges" listed on the 1st week and not on your 2nd week. but it will return (confirmed). i will have an update for this calculation in the future

Non-repeatable missions

Gain 10 BP levels instantly by purchasing the battle pass (once only)

Events *
BP EXP from events doesn't count to weekly limit

  • Elemental Crucible: Oct 12 - Oct 19 2020
  • Marvelous Merchandise: Oct 26 - Nov 2 2020
  • Elemental Crucible: Oct 12 - Oct 19 2020
  • Marvelous Merchandise: Oct 26 - Nov 2 2020
  • Earn Gold Insignia in "Gliding Challenge" Event:
  • Complete 9 deliveries in "While it's warm" Event:
  • Unreconciled Stars: Nov 16 - Oct 30 2020
  • [Event] Frostborn Miracle
  • [Event] Festering Desire refine 3

BP Period

  1. Make 50 wishes
  2. Use 5,500 Original Resin
  3. Gain 12 stars from Spiral Abyss
  4. Frostbearing Tree lv8

Daily + Weekly:
EXP 0 = BP Level

EXP 0 = BP Level

Your current BP Level?

* Reminder - BP has 10,000 EXP weekly cap! (10 BP levels)

* as a last resort, you can purchase bp level via primogems(150) (paid battle pass/max level will reward you 680 primogems)

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