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Battle Pass FAQs

*WIP and will be revised

How to unlock battle pass?
get to Adventure Rank(AR) 20

How do I level up my battle pass?
(more tips to be added)

Are there other ways to level up the battle pass?
Exchange 150 primogems for 1 bp level (not recommended)

What is the duration of the battle pass?
40 days

What is the max level of the battle pass?
50 levels

Is there a weekly exp cap?
yes, 10K per week (daily + weekly mission). exp under "This BP period" is not counted tho!

Does the level reset to 0 after 40 days?

Is it worth buying the battle pass(Gnostic Hymn)?
YES. you get a guaranteed weapon for your main + rewards (less time to farm for resources imo)

Is it worth buying the battle pass(Gnostic Chorus)?
The value of Gnostic Chorus is only for the instant 10 BP Levels + Fragile resins.
10 BP Levels = late comer/new player
Fragile resins = take it if you need it.

Can I buy the battle pass multiple times?
NO. its either Gnostic Hymn or Gnostic Chorus only. ONCE per period (or season)
If you bought Gnostic Hymn. Gnostic Chorus will still be available for purchase but at a higher price.

Gnostic Hymn or Gnostic Chorus?
Gnostic Hymn = if you still have 40 to 30 days remaining for the current period
Gnostic Chorus = emergency 10 bp level

How many weeks does it take to reach BP level 30 to unlock the weapon?
2 weeks + exp from events

What BP weapon should I pick?

It's x days remaining and I'm still <30 bp levels. What should i do?
You will have 1 more set of weekly mission before bp reset (source: 1.0 period) Purchase Gnostic Chorus (emergency 10 bp level)
Purchase and spend primogems

I've succeeded at BP 50 level. What now?
There is nothing to gain after reaching level 50.
The remaining exp will not be carried over to the new period. Tip - Do not take weekly missions before the period reset.
Your exp will be counted for the last period not on the new one.

Other tips

Reputation system is unlocked at AR 25

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